Open Source for All

Encouraging the use and creation of open source software is one of the ways we serve our community. Below is a selection of projects we are most proud of:

Double Entry Double Entry
Keep track of all the monies! ruby: scottyp-env, stevend, ricobl
Rack ECG Rack ECG
Rack-based health check endpoint ruby: liamdawson
Heroku Deploy Heroku Deploy
It's better than git push ruby: miinx, andrewgr, vaevictis, blimpage
Pagerduty Pagerduty
Trigger a PagerDuty incident ruby: orien
StackMaster StackMaster
The missing CloudFormation tool. ruby: stevehodgkiss, gstamp
Aldous Aldous
Brave New World for Rails ruby: skorks
rails_4_session_flash_backport rails_4_session_flash_backport
Store flash in the session in Rails 4 style on Rails 2/3/4 ruby: johnsyweb
Rails Session Key Rotator Rails Session Key Rotator
Secret key rotation in Rails ruby: stevehodgkiss
Subvalid Subvalid
Subjective validation for plain old ruby objects ruby: warrenseen
AWS Account Concierge AWS Account Concierge
Configure your AWS accounts ruby: andrewjhumphrey
Safe Shell Safe Shell
Safely execute shell commands ruby: notahat
JWT Signed Request JWT Signed Request
Sign your requests ruby: yoshdog
unwrappr unwrappr
bundle update Pull Requests. Automated. Annotated. Announced daily. ruby: johnsyweb
Mandrill Merge Mandrill Merge
Send your data to Mandrill ruby: macosgrove, stevend, nocache